Weedon 1930s design stands the test of time

Weedon 1930s design stands the test of time

Weedon Architects have had the pleasure of fulfilling the executive architect role to deliver many concept architects designs on site, and recently on the Kings Cross development we have just done exactly that on one of Bennett Associates designs.

It is therefore fitting that Weedon Architects ODEON cinema concept designs from the 1930s have remained robust enough to be adaptable in to other uses, and we applaud the Bennetts Associates design and execution of the "Storyhouse” in Chester, which turns a giant old cinema in to a new vibrant communal space.


Weedon Partnership were responsible for designing the majority of the Odeon cinemas throughout the country but a more fitting red brick was used here in Chester in order that the building respected its historic settings and to be deliberately restrained, in fact Planning reluctantly gave permission for the building to be erected provided that they did not look like regular Odeons.

This Art Deco Odeon in Chester city centre was originally opened in October 1936, and was designed by Robert Bullivant, who was part of our team of Birmingham based architects headed by Harry Weedon.